WWDC tickets go on sale, sell out in two minutes

WWDC tickets go on sale, sell out in two minutes

The tickets for this WWDC 2013 have come and gone in record time, with passes for this year’s event selling out in an astounding two minutes, after going on sale at 10 AM Pacific. The speed at which the tickets sold out can at least be partially attributed to the fact that Apple pre-announced when they woud go on sale, something that they haven’t done in past years.

The time that it has taken for WWDC tickets to sell out every year has decreased steadily for a number of years. Last year's tickets sold out in two hours, and while many expected them to move even faster this year, it’s doubtful that anyone expected them to go quite this quickly.

Did you plan on buying a ticket? Did you manage to get one, or did you just miss it?

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Reader comments

WWDC tickets go on sale, sell out in two minutes


Wow that is unbilevable, in two min all tickets have gone. What i believe is apple going to relase multiple colour device, maybe multiple iphone colour. Because their logo is multiple

Something to that is true. Or perhaps a much cheaper colored iPhone.
Do you think that we might be seeing an iWatch?

I personally dont think apple will release cheaper iPhone because it is out of apples strategy. in order to keep its reputation, apple always make a product with the best quality and it is obvious because people like a good device with good quality. they might release a coloured iphone just like iPod touch! also iwatch is possible, and it would be great to see iwatch. but for this moment it is 50% likely to release iwatch.. I believe iOS 7 and OS X will be revolutionary in upcoming wwdc along with new iPhone and probably new iPad

wouldn't that be copy cat action? lol doubt apple will do that unless they want to be called a copy cat