WWDC Update: Boxes, Banners, and Case Changes: Oh My!

WWDC iPhone OS X Banner

With WWDC only a weekend away, is it any surprise the rumors are flying faster than ever?

First up is Forbe's Brian Caulfield [who kindly corrected a blunder and provided a direct link to his story with tons o'pics-- many thanks!] with word of yet more mysterious boxes, this time at supposed current iPhone manufacturer Quanta. While some are labeled "iMac", 20 others are in plain brown wrappers (no jokes!), with employees either unavailable or unwilling to dish the dirt. Of course, they could be anything... or they could be iPhone 3G's or iTablets!

Next up we have the Flickr posted WWDC banners, which show the newly re-named iPhone OS X, which means either it's the latest addition to everyone's favorite band of mutant superheroes, or its been rebranded to match it's big desktop banner (bannered no longer as Mac OS X, but as OS X Leopard... for now...)

Lastly is iDealsChina (also via Apple Insider), who previously leaked the Griffin "iPhone 3G" molds, now claiming Apple has made some last minute case changes making the next generation device 2mm (0.08 inches) shorter and 0.5mm (0.02 inches) thinner than the leaks previously showed. Anyone need a ton of suddenly scrap plastic?

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WWDC Update: Boxes, Banners, and Case Changes: Oh My!


OS X iPhone
The worlds most advanced mobile phones.
Notice the "s" on the word phone. As i rember apple only made one mobile phone HMMMM....

Actually, according to the person who took these pictures, it says 'The World's Most Advanced Mobile Platform".

Yeah, either you have a crappy monitor or you need to get your eyes checked. It clearly says "The World's Most Advanced Mobile Platform"

The last minute changes thing worries me. If true, it could me we won't see the 3G iPhone for weeks...

What a freakin idiot...
I'm sorry, there just no other way to describe him.
Sure, a licensed os would be way better than the current os built together with the iphone.
I just don't get it.

For the magazine mixup and the indirect link, profound apologies. I've made the corrections above in the post proper, in case anyone wants to check out the awesome pics.
Apologies again, and many thanks!