Save $10 off multi-packs of AirTags on Amazon right now

Airtag (Image credit: Apple)

AirTags have for many become a daily carry, allowing them to track their most treasured possessions from their iPhones, Macbooks and iPads. As with anything Apple, however, they're not cheap - a pack of four will usually set you back $100. Not at the moment though - Amazon has the multipack for $89.



The little white circles that could, AirTags are currently $10 off full price. Have a look on Amazon - and be quick, they may not stay this price forever!

One of the best parts of the AirTags is their insane battery life - one of the little guys will last a whole year on a single battery, making them truly 'place and forget' until you really need them. They connect up seamlessly to iCloud so you can track them wherever they may find themselves from all your Apple devices. They're a super clever little design - using the network connection from any nearby devices, and the location triangulates from there.

This price drop also makes them cheaper than their main rival, the Tile Pro, and their perfect integration with iCloud and the Apple ecosystem already made them a more tempting option than the larger and more unwieldy Tile.

Want to get a case to strap them to your keys, so you'll never lose them again? Take a look at our best AirTag accessories list here. Fancy a new nigh-unlosable wallet that has an AirTag slot built in? We've got you covered with our best AirTag wallets list.

You probably shouldn't slip one in your roving pets collar, however; Apple recommendeds you don't put one on your pets. It hasn't said why, but it's likely a liability problem - it won't want to be held responsible should someone's pride pooch be lost or stolen with an AirTag attached.

Unfortunately, being on Amazon means you won't be able to get them engraved - if thats worth $10 to you, they are available on the Apple store as well.

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