If you're really looking to show off your love of rose gold, then why not go all out? Here are 12 radical watch bands to rock with your rose gold Apple Watch!

1. Party on the sides, business in the clasp

Get it? Like a mullet? But cooler? And on your wrist?

… And not at all like a mullet? And for $20?


If you're someone who's a big, big fan of serious glitz and glamour, then take a peek at this Apple Watch band for around $15.

3. Berry + rose gold = match made in heaven

As it was tweeted: #Hallelujah.

And also: #$40.

4. Pearls pearls pearls

… Did we mention that pearls go beautifully with your rose gold Apple Watch?

This band will cost you around $17.

5. It's all about dem details, dahling~

Try saying "dem details dahling" 5 times fast.

Then try saying "for around $17".


Oh. Em. Gee. So. Much. Pink. For. Around. $8.

Seriously, though, pink compliments rose gold incredibly well, so this watch band is a great option for day-to-day wear.

7. Keep it subtle with a rose gold buckle

… Did that rhyme? I really wanted that to rhyme...

This handmade band will cost you around $16.


The Milanese loop look is a classic option, but when it's in rose gold, it's, like, 40 times better. Plus, this band will only cost you around $16, so that's awesome...

9. La-la-la-leather

Okay but for real, how beautiful is this soft pink leather watch band? What a perfect partner for your rose gold Apple Watch for around $17!

10. Business-appropriate (with a POP of rose)

Mix business with pleasure for around $14 and go for this stainless steel rose gold Apple Watch band.

11. Keep it pretty 'n' pink

Pink/rose band? Check.

Rose gold buckle? Double check.

Reasonable, $11 price tag? Check.

12. Alright, so it isn't a watch band, but isn't it AWESOME?!

Seriously, isn't it?! Bye bye, watch bands, hello rose gold Apple pocket watches for around $15!

Updated May 2018: We have removed option number 12 because it was unavailable and replaced it with something even better!

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