Even though Apple isn't going with the rose gold trend anymore, there's still plenty of fashionistas out there rockin' that pretty pink color on their Apple Watch. So why not go all out on your love of rose gold with some pretty bands? Here are some great options to consider.

Sparkly: Wearlizer Crystal Rhinestone Apple Watch Band

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Elevate your Apple Watch look with this gorgeous, sparkly band from Wearlizer. The stainless steel link band is dressy and serious enough for the office, while crystal rhinestones on each link add a fun sparkle.

$40 at Amazon

Chain style: NO1seller Top Metal Cowboy Band

The NO1seller Top Metal Cowboy Band classes it up with a unique feminine chain link style mixed with a classic link bracelet. It's comfortable to wear but adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. It looks great in Rose Gold, but there are other colors to pick from as well.

$22 at Amazon

Beaded: Tomazon Apple Watch Faux Pearl Beads Bracelet

The Tomazon Apple Watch Faux Pearl Beads Bracelet turns your Rose Gold Apple Watch into a piece of jewelry rather than wearable tech. It features plenty of pearly beads and shiny jewels that are sure to turn some heads while you're out at a fancy dinner party. Just don't wear this one for your workouts, because it's not great for that.

$14 at Amazon

Sweat Proof: Apple Pink Sand Sport Loop

Apple's Nylon Sport Loops are some of the most comfortable bands the company offers. The Sport Loop in Pink Sand is the perfect complement for your Rose Gold Apple Watch. Plus, the breathable nylon means you can wear this all the time, even during intense workouts.

$45 at Amazon

Pearly: GEMEK Handmade Beaded Pearl Bracelet

They often say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but have they seen how beautiful pearls are? It features a ton of pearls that are sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by, and the band itself is stretchy, so it should fit any wrist. It also comes in several different color options, in case you want something besides rose gold (but why?).

$18 at Amazon

Reliable: Wearlizer Stainless Steel Resin Replacement Strap

The Wearlizer Stainless Steel Resin Replacement Strap is high-quality stainless steel and resin that looks sharp and professional. The combination of the metal with colored resin is one of the most beautiful we've seen, and the rose gold options are stunning. Plus, even though it looks expensive, this one definitely doesn't break the bank.

$27 at Amazon

Comfortable: IYOU Sport Band

The Sport Band replica from IYOU is a soft silicone that's comfortable to wear and waterproof, making it great for workouts. It comes in many color choices, including several different pink options that complement rose gold nicely.

From $6 at Amazon

Milanese Design: jwacct Mesh Loop Band

The jwacct Mesh Loop Band is a classic and professional band style that is the favorite of many. It gives you that elegant Milanese Loop style without breaking the bank, and the rose gold color option matches your Rose Gold Apple Watch nicely.

$13 at Amazon

Durable: V-MORO Soft Genuine Leather Band

These genuine leather bands from V-MORO are soft leather that's high-quality and comfortable to wear. The stainless steel buckle gives it a premium and professional look too. While it comes in many colors, the pink option looks amazing with your Rose Gold Apple Watch.

$14 at Amazon

Sleek: iiteeology Rose Gold Stainless Steel Replacement Strap

If you want something super professional for your business meetings but still want a touch of pink, then this stainless steel strap is perfect for the job. It's durable, highly-rated, and is easy to customize and adjust. The rose gold color is perfect for adding some life to a professional-looking band, and it's a lot cheaper than Apple's own link bracelet.

$14 at Amazon

Simple leather: JSGJMY Leather Loop Sport Edition

The JSGJMY Leather Loop Sport Edition has a color option for a soft pink with a rose gold clasp. It perfectly matches with the rose gold Apple Watch, and the leather itself is soft and comfortable to wear. And the price is right, meaning you won't have to worry about breaking the bank.

$12 at Amazon

Fashionable: Lwsengme Women Steel Bracelet

The Lwsengme Women Steel Bracelet features a curvy, feminine design combined with a traditional link bracelet. It also has sparkly rhinestones to give it a touch of elegance and flair, and the rose gold color goes well with your Rose Gold Apple Watch.

$15 at Amazon

Find the perfect rose gold partner for your rose gold Apple Watch

There's a lot of rose gold options out there for rose gold lovers like us, but these are some of the best choices we found. Our favorite is the Wearlizer Crystal Rhinestone Apple Watch Band because it takes your Apple Watch from a fitness band to a truly fashionable accessory. Plus, it's sleek and simple enough to go with any outfit.

If you're on the market for a band that is a bit more streamlined, then the JSGJMY Leather Loop Sport Edition is worth checking out. Its simple elegance lends your rose gold Apple Watch a classic look.

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