2011 Holiday Guides: Gifts for geeks

Geeks are really difficult to buy for. They know everything. They have everything. Every iPhone case, every iPad stand, one of each color for every model ever released. So unlike our other 2011 holiday gift guides that focus on awesome gifts to make your iPhone or iPad better, this one is branching out -- this one covers everything not iPhone or iPad! (Well, not everything, but a lot of really cool, really awesome stuff we think your geeks will really love!)

UPDATE: Some of this stuff is currently on Black Friday sale! If you've been thinking about getting a great gift for your geek, check them out today and you'll likely save a few bucks!

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

For the little geeks who never want you to turn out the lights when they go to bed, now they can take the lights with them to bed. For parents, the lights will fade slowly over a 30 min. period, letting your little ones drift off to sleep. For kids -- listen carefully -- monsters are deathly afraid of glowing orb lights!

The 24-105mm Travel Coffee Mug

The 24-105mm Travel Coffee Mug

They love photography. They love coffee. What's not to love about a hot beverage holder that looks just like a lens? And if this size doesn't suit you, there are a bunch of other sizes, up to full thermoses. Just remember -- drink them, don't shoot with them!

Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Flying Shark

It's a balloon, it's a shark, it's remote controlled. What could be cooler than that? Just imagine it moving slowly, soundlessly down the hallway, around the corner. Cue the Jaws theme. Coming up from behind the sofa... Eyes black as coal.

Yeah, I think you're going to need a bigger living room!

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan

"Ooteenee!" Apparently that's Jawa for "hey, flip the lid on that astromech so I can toss out this Bantha poodoo!" But honestly, what's cuter than your very own R2-D2 trashcan? Not even a C3-PO coat rack to equal this for sheer geek chic, especially the mini desktop version. If you want it, though, I'd suggest getting it soon... before Jabba the Lucas dubs a dumb voice on to him. "Noooooooo!"

Electronic Firefly in a Jar

No, it's not a real insect, and no, it's not Captain Malcolm Reynolds and crew all vacuum sealed for your viewing pleasure in a Candor bottle, but it is faux geek goram glorious none-the-less. I got one of these for an office warming present and everyone asks about it. One of the best gifts in the 'verse.

Stylin Online t-shirts

Stylin Online t-shirts

These are shirts that even Sheldon would love. From comic books to movies and TV shows, there are more fabulous t-shirts here than you could shake a bazinga at!

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Gift Certificates

iTunes gift cards

If your special geek truly has everything, there's still the one thing they can always use more off -- MONEY! But since money isn't that festive, you can "wrap it up" in a handy gift card for their favorite retailer and let them choose their own perfect geek-gift!

Your picks?

Remember, you’re part of Team TiPb too, so if you’ve already picked the perfect gift for your iPhone or iPad geek, or have the perfect idea for one, let us know in comments!

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