$600 Apple-1 sold from Steve Jobs' garage could fetch $600,000 at auction

An Apple-1 computer is up for auction, and the rare device could fetch as much as $600,000. Believed to have been one of the few original computers to have been sold from the Cupertino, California garage of Steve Jobs in 1976, the computer is still in working order, being able to run Microsoft BASIC and an Apple-1 Star Trek game.

The Apple-1 was originally purchased by Charles Ricketts, originally from Los Altos, California, and was later sold to Virginia collector Robert Luther in 2004 from a police auction. Luther says he knows that the computer was one of the few sold by Jobs because he has the canceled check:

I knew it had been sold from the garage of Steve Jobs in July of 1976, because I had the buyer's canceled check. My computer had been purchased directly from Jobs, and based on the buyers address on the check, he lived four miles from Jobs.

The computer was originally sold for $600 based on the amount of the canceled check.

Recently, the Henry Ford Museum paid over $900,000 for an Apple-1.

Source: Reuters; image credit: Reuters

Chuong H Nguyen