What would you do with $97 billion in the Apple bank? [Giveaway]

Following their Q1 2012 results, Apple now has a staggering, mind-boggling, almost unbelievable $97 billion dollars in the bank. That's cash reserves bigger than most other companies and countries... combined. That's a money bin even Scrooge McDuck could drown in.

What would you do if it were your money? Return it to the shareholders? (Pfft, what fun is that?) Buy all of Apple's competitors? Buy a Hollywood studio or carrier network? Buy your own subcontinent? Buy the moon? Or just blow it all on candy and dancers?

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Seriously -- or at least as seriously as such a question could be posed! -- what would you do with Apple's $97 billion in the bank?

Leave a comment below with your best, most comedic, most tragic, most utterly entertaining answer and you'll be entered to win a $97 gift certificate for the iMore Store. (Yeah, $97 dollars, not $97 billion -- we're not made of Apple bucks!) Contest starts now and ends Sunday, Jan. 29 at midnight PT.

Enter now!