Activist-investor Carl Icahn will pen an open letter to Tim Cook tomorrow

Activist-investor Carl Icahn tweeted today that he will be sending Apple CEO Tim Cook an open letter tomorrow. At this time, Icahn's tweet was vague and he did not disclose what the subject matter of the letter will be.

Icahn wrote on social networking site Twitter:

Tmrw we'll be sending an open letter to @tim_cook. Believe it will be interesting

In a separate tweet earlier, Icahn credits himself for helping to raise Apple's share price by as much as 50.6 percent:

Just over 1yr ago we tweeted our large position in $AAPL & belief the company extremely undervalued. Since then, stock is up 50.6%

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to read Icahn's letter. What do you think the activist-investor will ask of Cook and company?

Source: Twitter

Chuong H Nguyen