Amazon Alexa joins Siri on your iPhone via the Amazon app.

Amazon is rolling out an update to its iOS app that gives you access to Alexa on your iOS device. Chatting with Alexa is as simple as launching the Amazon app and tapping the microphone that rests alongside the search bar.

It's worth noting many users will already see a microphone next to their Amazon search bar, but Amazon's current voice search functionality will pale in comparison to the upcoming Alexa update. You'll be able to do the typical shopping with Alexa, sure, but you'll also be able to do many of the tasks that you'd normally need an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to accomplish.

You can, for example, use Alexa to play music and audio books, ask Alexa questions, check the news, and most importantly — to me, at least — use Alexa's vast library of skills to control your connected devices and interface with third-party apps.

If you have smart home gadgets, it's great having Siri and Alexa together on one device. Chances are, if your connected home product doesn't have HomeKit compatibility, it has Alexa compatibility. You won't get the same kind of integration you get with Siri, but Alexa can be your backup assistant when Siri can't communicate with a specific connected home product.

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Do you think you'll use the expanded capabilities of the Amazon app when they hit your device? Do you use Amazon's Alexa assistant already? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences; leave a comment below or shoot me a tweet!