Android father Andy Rubin responds to Steve Jobs about "openness"

Andy Rubin has responded on Twitter to Steve Jobs' remarks about Android's openness -- how Google is using it as a smokescreen for fragmentation -- made during the Apple Q4 2010 earnings call yesterday.

"the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make

During the live call, where Apple announced their over-the-top results to shareholders (and everyone listening along on the web), Steve Jobs expounded on Apple's integrated business model and software focus, and how that's parlayed directly into the success of the iPhone and iPad. In markets that were previously considered slow-moving when it came to innovation, and not particularly user-friendly before Apple came along, Jobs singled Google out for requiring Android users to be their own systems integrators.

Does Rubin's tweet, while a perfectly nerdy, open-source software response (the commands needed to view and compile Android's code), really do much to counter that notion for the mainstream?

[@ARubin via SlashGear, Android Central]

by Andrew Wray

IM Staff

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