Acer, Samsung announce iCloud-, Photo Stream-, AirPlay-like services. Siri next?

It seems Acer and Samsung didn't even wait for CES 2012 to official start before announcing AcerCloud, PicStream, and SwipeIt, or basically what Apple announced in 2011. Acer was up first with a service called AcerCloud that sounds suspiciously like iCloud, even substituting PicStream for Photo Stream. Hmm...

And if that's not enough, Samsung -- who have made it something of a habit to copy Apple -- have now gone so far as it to create an AirPlay clone called -- I kid you not! -- SwipeIt.

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About the only thing left is the race to see who will launch the first real Siri competitor. While third party attempts like Iris, Google's Majel project, etc. made some early noise, as did fake -- and now removed -- "Official" Siri for Android apps, it's only a matter of time before someone like Samsung or Google themselves go all in on a Siri-like service all their own.

Imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Source: Android Central