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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — All updates and patch notes

Acnh Sprinkle the penguin and player in a house
Acnh Sprinkle the penguin and player in a house (Image credit: iMore)

There have been several updates to Animal Crossing: New Horizons since it was first released on April 20, 2020. Many of these updates fixed glitches while others were in response to the Animal Crossing community. Here are all of the updates that New Horizons has received so far along with an explaination of what was patched.

All updates and patch notes

The game hasn't been out very long, but there have already be several updates. Here they all are:

Update 1.2.0 - April 22, 2020

  • Leif the sloth can now visit your island. He has a gardening store where players can purchase shrubs and flower seeds.
  • Redd the art dealer will now make visits to your island with his boat. Players can purchase art from him, but some of them are fakes.
  • Two new items can be purchased from the Nook Miles program — Isabelle's aloha shirt and Timmy and Tommy's aloha shirt.
  • The following seaonal events were added to the game:

Here are the official patch notes for update 1.2.0

Update 1.1.4 - April 6, 2020

Main takeaways:

  • During the 2020 Bunny Day event, the appearance rate of some eggs has been adjusted so they don't appear as frequently. They will be easier to collect on on April 12, 2020, the last day of the Bunny Day event.
  • Addressed a bug related to commissioning a Scarab Beetle bug model from Flick.

Here are the official patch notes for update 1.1.4.

Update 1.1.3 - April 3, 2020

Main takeaway:

This update released the day after update 1.1.2. It fixed a balloon glitch, which wouldn't allow people to obtain anymore balloons after they'd popped 300 of them with a slingshot.

Here are the official patch notes for update 1.1.3.

Update 1.1.2 - April 2, 2020

Main takeaways:

  • Fixes bug where inviting a villager can cause an existing one to glitch
  • Fixes bug which causes Tom Nook to not invite new villagers
  • Fixes bug where it was impossible to move buildings
  • Fixes bug where Wilbur took bells for items

Here are the official patch notes for update 1.1.2.

Update 1.1.1 - March 26, 2020

Main takeaways:

  • Allowed players to experience seasonal events. This was an update that released shortly after the game came out.
  • This update also allowed players to experience multiplayer via online or local communication.

Here are the official patch notes for update 1.1.1.

Up to date

Those are all of the updates that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received so far. Considering that Nintendo has been quick to address fan responses and that the game features in-game events that correspond with real-life holidays, we're sure to see several more updates as the months go by. We'll continue to update as time goes on.

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