Animal Crossing: New Horizons Holidays and Events — All seasonal activities 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasons 008
Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasons 008 (Image credit: Nintendo)

One of the things that makes Animal Crossing: New Horizons unique is that the activities and events within the game correspond to the real-life time of year. That means that when it's springtime, cherry blossoms and vibrant flowers will be plentiful on your New Horizons island. And when it's Winter, snow will furnish every tree and building.

What makes Animal Crossing one of the best Nintendo Switch games is that there are several season-specific events and activities for you to engage in, whether that be building a snowman in Winter or gathering flowers for a daisy chain in Spring. Here are all of the seasonal activities in the Animal Crossing calendar.

Seasons decided by your hemisphere

Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasons (Image credit: Nintendo)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasons (Image credit: Nintendo)

Source: Nintendo

When you start your New Horizons game, you'll be asked whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere. This will affect what order the seasons appear in your game. For instance, let's say you're starting a game in April. Those who select Nothern Hemisphere find a lush Spring island filled with cherry blossoms and greenery, whereas those who choose the Southern Hemisphere will find a Fall island filled with yellow and red leaves.

The seasons will cycle through in-game just the way they do in real life. This adds variety to gameplay and changes what activities, holidays, and events you can participate in.

Animal Crossing Holidays and Events Calendar of seasonal activities

Acnh Toy Day Delivering Presents (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

Here are all of the events, holidays, and seasonal activities players experience throughout the year. To make things easier to read, we've abbreviated Northern Hemisphere as NH and Southern Hemisphere as SH.

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New Year's DayJan 1stAll
Fishing Tourney (Winter)Third Saturday of JanAll
FestivaleFeb or MarAll
Shamrock Day (St. Patrick's Day)Mar 17thEurope and North America
Bunny Day (Easter)April 1st - April 12thAll
Cherry BlossomsApril 1st - April 10thAll
Fishing Tourney (Spring)Second Saturday in AprilAll
Nature DayApril 23rd - May 4thNorth America
May DayMay 1st - May 7thAll
International Museum DayMay 18th - May 31stAll
Wedding SeasonJun 1st - 30thAll
Bug Off 1• NH: Fourth Saturday in Jun• SH: Third Saturday in NovAll
Bug Off 2• NH: Fourth Saturday in July• SH: Third Saturday in DecAll
SummerJuly - AugAll
Fishing Tourney (Summer)Second Saturday in JulyAll
Bug Off 3• NH: Fourth Saturday in Aug• SH: Third Saturday in JanAll
Bug Off 4• NH: Fourth Saturday in Sep• SH: Third Saturday in FebAll
Fishing Tourney (Fall)Second Saturday in OctAll
FallOct - NovAll
HalloweenOct 31stAll
Mushroom SeasonNovAll
Maple Leaves• NH: Nov 16th - Nov 26th• SH: May 16th - May 26thAll
WinterNov - DecAll
Turkey Day (Thanksgiving)Fourth Thursday in NovAll
Snow Season• NH: Dec 11th - Feb 24th• SH: Jun 11th - Aug 24thAll
Toy Day (Christmas)Dec 24thAll
New Year's EveDec 31stAll

Animal Crossing Holidays and Events

Animal Crossing is unique because it's one of the few games that changes seasons, and it brings about events to match real-life holidays. As you go about your year, you'll have the opportunity to participate in several different in-game activities or to experience things that you weren't able to do at a different time of the year.

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