Apple: We're #1 Mobile Devices Company in World, Bigger than Sony, Samsung, Nokia

Apple bigger than Nokia, Samsung, Sony

As part of their iPad keynote today, Apple took the opportunity to say that, with $15.6 billion in revenue last quarter, as $50 billion dollar company primarily focused on mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, MacBook), they were the #1 mobile device company in the world -- bigger by revenue than Sony, Samsung, and Nokia's mobile devices businesses.

Along with the financial figures Steve Jobs touted 250,000,000 (!) iPods sold, 140,000 iPhone/iPod touch apps, 3 billion downloads, and over 75 million iPhone and iPod touches (yeah, we underestimated!).

Jobs went on to say even he didn't believe it, and it wasn't how they think about Apple. But he sure did say it, and that's a shot across a lot of bows right there.

Rene Ritchie

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