Apple A4 vs Snapdragon - Clash of the Chipsets!

AnandTech has put the iPad's new Apple A4 chip-to-chip against the Windows Phone- and Google Android Superphone-powering Snapdragon from Qualcomm in a clash of the 1Ghz titans. And the results?

To quote Steve Jobs - boom!

If we take the network out of the equation, the A4 in the iPad has a 37.6% performance advantage over the Qualcomm QSD8250. This actually supports some of the larger performance differences we saw earlier. If Apple can manage to deliver this sort of performance in its smartphone version of the A4, we're in for a treat.

Indeed! They're not sure why the difference is what it is, but possible reasons could include iPhone OS being better optimized than Android, or higher IPC based on better core architecture, larger caches, or faster memory bus.

They, like TiPb, want that bad boy in the 4th generation iPhone (which still won't be called iPhone 4G!). Qualcomm and other chipsets like Tegra won't sit still, however, so Apple has to keep pushing that bar as well -- if they want the cachet that comes with spinning premiere, custom silicon.

[AnandTech via Engaget]

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