Apple to acquire radio app Swell for $30 million

Apple is set to remain on its purchasing spree with the acquisition of Swell (opens in new tab), a popular radio and podcast compiler app available for both iPhone and iPad. According to Re/code sources, the deal is worth around $30 million, a relatively minor purchase in comparison to Beats Electronics at $3 billion. Swell enables consumers tune into their favorite talk shows and podcasts in an intelligent way, providing a more personalized experience.

Re/code notes that as part of the acquisition deal, the Swell app is to be taken down this week. Much of the Swell team will be joining Apple post-purchase too, potentially working on improving the in-house podcast app by Apple. That's nothing more than speculation so we'll have to wait to see if the deal goes through (if talks are already happening) and what Apple would do with the newly acquired team.

Swell also has a Android beta well underway. Are you a fan of Swell, if so what are your thoughts on this potential purchase? If you haven't tried out Swell, download it from the App Store.

Source: Re/code

Rich Edmonds
  • Oh no! "The app will be shut down".... does that mean it will just be pulled from the App Store, or will it stop working?
    I love Swell and I'll miss it if it dies. I hope Apple integrates it into their Podcasts app and fast.
  • I use swell and it's a great app. Can't wait to see what Apple does with this. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have hated the Podcasts app since it was split off, but have found Swell to be a useful Pandora-for-talk. If they do not keep it separate, I hope they at least put the Swell team in charge.