Apple acquires 3D mapping company, 3C Technologies?

According to Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac, Apple has acquired a third mapping company, this time 3D specialists 3C Technologies.

Sources say that C3 Technologies CEO Mattias Astrom , C3 Technologies CFO Kjell Cederstrand, and lead C3 Technologies Product Manager Ludvig Emgard are now working within Apple’s iOS division. The leading trio, along with most of the former C3 Technologies team, is still working as a team in Sweden (interestingly, the division is now called “Sputnik”), where the C3 Technologies company was located prior to the Apple acquisition.

They specialize in making 3D maps from photo data using declassified missile-targeting technology. Apple previously bought map data companies PlaceBase and Poly9, and while they still rely on Google for the actual maps in OS X and iOS, it's not hard to imagine some fantastic new Map app just may be in our future.

Here's a video showing how C3 works.

Source; 9to5Mac