tvOS 9.2 will let you bypass the on-screen Apple TV keyboard using nothing but your voice

Apple TV running VLC
Apple TV running VLC (Image credit: iMore)

Apple rolled out a number of new betas yesterday, including the third test release for tvOS 9.2. This latest beta update added a number of cool new features that those on the beta program will be able to try out. With the addition of dictation, owners of the Apple TV will be able to enter text on-screen using their voice and the remote, which will mean no more typing and should result in a more fluid user experience.

As well as the added Bluetooth keyboard support – not to mention the Apple Remote app too – Apple is offering more ways for users of its TV box to easily navigate the UI and enter text. Siri can now be used in a similar fashion to search for apps from the App Store. We're sure those who became frustrated by how tedious it can be to navigate using the Apple TV will welcome these new features.

As well as the new functionality explained above, Apple also implemented support for iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos, and even the grouping of apps inside folders. As noted previously, tvOS 9.2 is expected to be released later this year.

Source: MacRumors

Rich Edmonds