Apple airs new commercial: iCloud Harmony

Apple has just released a new iCloud-themed commercial aimed to show the advantages of their push and store network. The commercial begins with an iPhone user tapping "Use iCloud", then buying an album. Cut to an iPad where the music automagically downloads as well. Cut to a MacBook Air and the music is also downloading there.

An iPhone user snaps a picture of his (going by the thumbs!) daughter, and it shows up in Photo Stream on an iMac and iPad.

An iPhone user drags a calendar appointment down and it's instantly reflected on a MacBook Air and iPad.

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An iPhone user installs Flipboard and the iPad installs it as well (sorry, no Mac App Store parallel downloads).

An iPhone user adds a contact and it gets added on the MacBook Air. iBooks popular an iPhone and an iPad. Photos fly from iPhone to iPad to MacBook Air.

Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.

Interesting that only the iPhones initiate action in the commercial, and there's no human involvement with either the iPad or the Macs. Nor are any MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, or Mac Pros shown. Or any iPod touches. Or Siri.

Makes for a great commercial, though.