Apple and Samsung's legal wrangling to resume in spring 2016

The long-running legal struggle between Apple and Samsung has been put on hold temporarily, to resume at some point next year. Judge Lucy Koh has set a new spring 2016 time frame for a new damages trail that will determine, again, what Samsung owes Apple.

From The Recorder:

Tuesday's order sets retrial in March or April 2016 on patent infringement damages for five Samsung products: Fascinate, Galaxy S4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Mesmerize and Vibrant. Those are the five phones that a jury found in 2012 both infringed Apple Inc.'s patents and diluted its trade dress. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled in May that Samsung Electronics Co. did not dilute Apple's trade dress as a matter of law, requiring the new damages trial.

This will be the fourth jury trial by these parties in front of Judge Koh. This case extends from Apple's original legal victory over Samsung in 2012, in which a jury awarded them $1 billion, ruling that Samsung had infringed on Apple patents and trade dress. Much of that judgment has since been reversed.

Source: The Recorder; Via 9to5Mac

Joseph Keller

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