Apple announces conference call date for Q2 2012 financial results

Apple has announced that they'll be telling us precisely how insanely rich they are after new iPad sales on April 24, 2012. The quarter will cover their sales from December 31, 2011 to late March, which includes the launch period of the new iPad. On the first weekend alone, Apple was able to sell three million new iPads, and one can only imagine how much that figure has ballooned since then, especially if the Q2 2012 results are taking into account the international releases that followed.

As if Apple needed any help attracting investors, they've also recently announced a share buyback program and that they'll start issuing dividends to stockholders. Some analysts think that Apple's stock will break the $1000 mark within a year; given its growth rate and the fact that it's sitting at around $630 presently, that doesn't sound too far off, does it?

You'll be able to catch the investor's call webcast over here.

Simon Sage

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