Apple says Do Not Disturb will fix itself on January 7, until then you're on your own

Apple has released a knowledge base article (opens in new tab) that says iOS 6's Do Not Disturb scheduling feature, which for some reason decided to take the New Year off, will start working again on January 7. Apple also recommend that, until then, anyone experiencing the issue turn Do Not Disturb on and off manually.

Apple doesn't explain what caused the issue to begin with, or whether or not they'll fix it in the next software update so it doesn't happen again in the future. (Though presumably they will issue a fix, given how often time-based problems have plagued iOS, a little reassurance that Apple takes it seriously would be nice.)

Have you experienced problems with Do Not Disturb staying off, or refusing to turn off, since New Years? If so, is Apple's response enough to mollify you?

Source: Apple (opens in new tab)

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • Well that explains why my DND didn't turn off this morning LOL. Does the answer mollify me....not really... They should have forsaw this since they have had issues with time based stuff in the past...Bonehead move...
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  • If it was any other company, people would be up in arms. Apple gets yet another free pass to yet another iOS time bug, we get them every year. I got the DND in my iPhone and iPad. Not so serious on the iPad, but very serious on the iPhone, which can cost people phone calls they would rather not miss. It is a serious drawback for a company that is trying to position itself on the corporate market as well. Lucky for Apple, its fan base will rush to minimize the problem and pretend it never existed.
  • Ah, Apple iDevices -
    First, there was "You're holding it wrong."
    Then, in the case of Maps, "You're using it wrong."
    Now there's "You're not meant to rely on it"?
  • Or, you're not waiting long enough for a fix.
  • I think it's, "You're taking your vacation wrong." Clearly they wanted you to use your vacation time this week instead of last week...
  • Sweet. I didn't know I didn't need this until January 7th. Now I know!
  • Gosh darn it, I'm an American and I want every bit of cutting edge technology to work flawlessly from day one no matter how many great things it does for me day-in-and-day-out or I'm gonna have a tantrum!!
  • Oh my, expecting simple functions to work is too much now? And talking about it is now classified as having a tantrum? I'm sorry Mr. Apple sir, for believing your TV ad, sir, I'll try not to make the same mistake twice, sir.
  • While in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a huge issue, it is extremely annoying given the past issues with time based things. They are a multi-billion dollar company. You'd think they could afford at least one guy whose sole job is to check for these issues in the code. It's happened enough to be embarrassing at the least.
  • This may just be me... but my phone no longer vibrates. I have the same bug with DND not turning off and alerts coming through when DND is enabled. On top of which, flipping the switch to silent mode shows that it's silenced on the screen, but phone will not vibrate at all. Anyone else having the same issue? Or is my three week old phone defective?
  • The bug occurred once on the new year day. After switching DND schedule off and turning it on again, it resumes normal and don't need to wait until Jan 7.
  • Nope, did not work. Any other suggestions?
  • I modified the hours and it worked for me. I'm not sure if it because I did it on Jan 7th, but it is fixed for me.
  • What's even sillier is that Apple's workaround - to turn DND on and off manually - defeats the purpose of the feature completely. I have DND set to turn on at 1AM and off at 8AM. I'm not planning to wake up at 8AM every day to make sure I turn it off manually.
  • DnD will fix itself on Jan 7.
    Am I the only one who sees how amazing this is?
    Apple has invented self-aware apps that can actually fix themselves!
  • Thank you for purchasing our 1000$ phone (price of 64GB in my country).
    Now wait until January 7th to work properly. Seriously ?
  • I feel this is pretty important and deserved an e-mail FROM Apple to customers about it. I'm sure there are some people trying to figure out why they keep missing their calls...
  • I find the DND feature very handy as my family and close friends can still contact me but I'm no longer disturbed by game notifications. However, it would be even better if it still worked without having to lock the screen. Up until DND was released, I always used a sleep app to monitor my sleeping but I can no longer use this as screen had to be locked for DND to work. Update so it works with screen unlocked so other apps can run??
  • That's an option, to work even while using the iPhone. Which kind of makes sense. "I'm busy working, don't disturb me" or even "Don't disturb others just because I'm using it for e-mail, I still don't want you to ring out loud".
  • This has to be the worst example of first world problems I've seen so far this year.
  • Oh well, here we are on the 8th day of January and still no fix. Anything else from Apple about this?
  • Everything seemed to work perfectly for me. I have it set to DND at 11:00 pm cst till 6:30 am cst. The moon came on right at 11:00 then off at 6:30, no notifications during that time.