Apple announces SwiftNIO, an open source framework for network applications

Apple has announced its latest foray into open source software, this time with SwiftNIO, a new framework for writing network applications using the Swift programming language. Both the framework and its open source nature were announced by Apple software engineer Norman Maurer at the try! Swift Conference.

The framework is now available on Apple's GitHub page. Here's what the company has to say about SwiftNIO:

SwiftNIO is fundamentally a low-level tool for building high-performance networking applications in Swift. It particularly targets those use-cases where using a "thread-per-connection" model of concurrency is inefficient or untenable. This is a common limitation when building servers that use a large number of relatively low-utilisation connections, such as HTTP servers.

For those familiar with the Netty framework, Apple also describes SwiftNIO as "like Netty, but written for Swift."

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The documentation for SwiftNIO notes that the framework is not geared towards building web applications, but rather for providing underlying network support for those applications. Currently, SwiftNIO supports macOS 10.12 or higher and Ubuntu 14.04 or higher.

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