Apple bringing HealthKit to iOS 8

Along with all the other new features and enhancements coming to iOS 8, we got out first look at HealthKit. HealthKit provides a single place for all of your health-conscious devices — like a fitness tracker or heart monitor — to sync their data so it's available for apps to use. You'll have complete control over how your data is exposed and which apps have access (and vice-versa) for a fine-tuned experience that should provide exactly what you need, where and how you need it.

Apple is working with Nike on the project, as well as the Mayo Clinic (through their app) to take blood pressure readings and provide information to your doctor if any follow-up is needed. There are also dozens of hospitals involved, so this looks to be another "it just works" experience for users.

Of course there are still questions left unanswered, especially on the devices side. Could this be the first hint of an iWatch to come this fall?

Jerry Hildenbrand

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