Apple brings multitouch to desktops with Magic Trackpad

The Apple Online Store is back up and with it comes the Magic Trackpad, bringing full on MacBook-style multitouch goodness to Apple's desktop line.

It's got click, scroll, swipe, and rotate, so if the Magic Mouse just wasn't enough for you, here's the escalation you've been waiting for.

And while it's not the iPhone or iPod touch "Magic Trackpad" app I've been waiting for -- can you please get on that Apple? -- it does show Apple is continuing to leverage their technologies across their various platforms, devices, and machines, creating a virtuous cycle iOS is sure to benefit from as well.

(And no, there's no info on whether or not it will work as a companion to the BT Keyboard for iPad -- we'll have to try it when it arrives).

$69. Anyone besides me picking one up?


Rene Ritchie

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