Apple not buying Sony, Facebook, Disney, AT&T, Google, Australia, etc.

Not to get in the way of any analyst/speculator/tabloid fed interweb crazy, but Apple probably isn't buying Sony, Facebook, or Disney, or Google, AT&T, or the continent of Australia for that matter.

While there could be some interesting manufacturing, social networking, and studio plays there (or just a lot of land for a really huge data center), Apple is about less, not more. After all the success Steve Jobs and Apple have had in simplifying and clarifying their products and production, in spending less on R&D and earning more on profits than pretty much anyone in the industry, would they really frak it all up just to stick fruit logo on a PS3 or cute cartoon mouse on an iPhone?

Then again, these rumors probably started after Steve Jobs said Apple is saving their $51 billion bank account for one or two big plays. Paraphrased:

We don’t make stupid acquisitions but want to keep powder dry for 1 or 2 strategic acquisitions in the future.

So if Apple isn't buying Sony [Reuters] or Facebook [MediaMemo] Who do you think they should buy?

Rene Ritchie

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