Apple buys Laserlike news AI startup

From The Information:

Apple has acquired Laserlike, a small Silicon Valley-based machine learning startup, which could help strengthen the company's artificial intelligence efforts, including its Siri virtual assistant, The Information has learned.


Apple has acquired Laserlike, a startup founded by former Google engineers that made technology for letting users follow news and other topics. The deal is the latest to expand its artificial intelligence efforts.

They say Apple confirmed the acquisition, which probably equates to the usual "from time to time we buy companies but we don't discuss it so back up off us already."

The group joins John Giannandrea's new artificial intelligence org, which he's been building out over the last little while.

Where and how this will fit in, beyond the thin "make Siri better" angle, there's no word yet. But you have talent and you have tech and, hopefully, both of those will help get Apple's virtual assistant where it needs to be for the age of voice and AI to truly begin.

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