Apple has reportedly purchased Pullstring, a company that creates software that lets others create voice apps, currently for Alexa and Google Assistant. Though, yeah, figure on that changing fast.

Dan Primack and Ina Fried, writing for Axios:

Apple has agreed to buy Pullstring, a San Francisco-based startup that enables the design and publishing of voice apps, Axios has learned from multiple sources.

Here's what Pullstring's website — still up at the time of this writing but who knows how long that will remain the case? — says the company's primary product does:

Converse 2.0 empowers designers and developers to imagine, craft, and publish immersive voice apps for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IoT devices.

One of the most important steps to go from Siri to siriOS is the ability to create Siri "apps" using Siri. This could be a critical part of that step.

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If you're not clear on the whole concept of siriOS, go back and watch JARVIS or FRIDAY in any of the Marvel movies featuring Iron Man.

The future of interface may be augmented reality but the future of interaction, at least a significant part of it, will be real voice with increasingly real assistants.

No one, not Google, not Amazon, is anywhere close to that yet, so it's still any company's race. But Apple has to be in it to win it.

So, more of this please.

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