What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly set to launch Apple Card in the first half of August 2019.
  • The sign up process will take place through the Wallet App on iOS 12.4.

When Apple first introduced Apple Card during its Show Time event in late March, the company said it would be making a summer debut. Now, a new report from Bloomberg claims that it will launch in the first half of August.

Apple and Goldman Sachs's hotly anticipated new credit card is now just weeks away from launch, according to a person familiar with the companies.

The Apple Card is targeted to launch as early as the first half of August. That timing means the project is on schedule for the summer release date that Apple first announced in March.

Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 12.4, which includes all the new interface and functionality needed for Apple Card sign-up and management. So, it really is just a waiting game for the card itself to drop.

Bloomberg also offers up some details on the long and sometimes winding development road between Apple and Goldman Sachs in bringing Apple Card to market.

In May, Apple expressed concern with the underlying technology Goldman Sachs had developed to power the credit card, according to people familiar with the discussions. At the time, Apple informed the bank that it was unhappy with some of the card's mechanics and asked for changes. The pressure mounted on Goldman Sachs staffers as the card neared its planned launch date.

The two companies split the responsibilities around the whole project, with Apple designing the card and handling the software interface, and Goldman Sachs is responsible for the underlying infrastructure, managing payment disputes, transaction data, and monthly statements.

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