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Apple CEO Tim Cook D10 session videos now available online

Apple CEO Tim Cook hit the D10 Conference stage to share some insight surrounding all things Apple today, which ended up to be rather subtly revealing. The event itself wasn't streamed for the masses but now All Things D has started to post up the videos from the event.

Given the event was Cook’s first appearance at a D Conference; along with it being his first interview appearance outside of Apple events it's certainly an interesting set of videos to take in.

As of right now, there is eight videos posted but there may be more on the way and hopefully, the full-uncut version will make it up as well.

Source: All Things D

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  • I think Apples management team are really showing their age. Apple is no longer leading the technological curve (which was their territory for years) now they just polish it, a year later.
    Yes - their financial model still flourishes, but its long term survival depends on leading the curve - staying innovative, being "the crazy ones"! Here, Tim shows just how far he is from being ANYTHING like Steve Jobs. They need some Woz thinking in that place.
    An Example - Steve chose Ive's iMac design because it defied convention, that design epitomises great APPLE thinking. It is not enough to behave like B&O, making conventional products look shiny and attractive, then charging five times the price.
    Perhaps the iTunes gravy train marked the crest of a wave that swept away Apples blue-sky thinking. They became addicted to the avalanche of cash that business model generated. But have they finally and totally lost their freaking edge man?
    Microsoft are moving towards multi-mode "hybrid" devices and deeper mobile-PC integration (which was also Apple territory). ASUS have shown how effective hybrid can be with the transformer series; and people are beginning to really miss the benefits of a stylus "option" for tablets, which Steve totally rejected.
    I think Apple need to think again about all these approaches, but most of all they need to get their head out of the bank statement and start being APPLE again. I am sorry, but my last shreds of respect for Apple are burning up, just reading what this money driven robot had to say.
  • Apple has never changed that much, they pretty much give you what they think you need and they make it work right. So at times you have to go around the Apple system if you want a little more than what they give (example jailbreak). But what they are proud of is ease of use, it just works (stable) and it looks good. And at the moment it's still that way, money hasn't changed that yet. I use it for the very reasons they do things, it just works very few issues with there software and hardware at least for me, all of my devices just work together.