Apple CEO Tim Cook gets iced to raise money ALS charity

After our own Rene Ritchie took the ice bucket challenge to raise and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL), Apple CEO Tim Cook did the same with a bucket of ice pouring down him at a company event. In addition to Cook, Apple marketing head Phil Schiller also participated in the challenge at a separate beach location.

Phil Schiller gets iced for charity

Cook is also challenging his contemporaries to do the same, extending the torture to Disney CEO Bob Iger, who also sits on the Apple board, as well as Dr. Dre, who joined Apple as part of the Beats acquisition. Cook said he knew Dre liked to make videos. ZING!

Most recently, our colleagues at WP Central posted that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had also participated in the challenge and there are also photos of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg getting iced as well.

Source: World of Possibilities, The Verge, Mac Rumors

Chuong H Nguyen