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Apple CFO: $12.5 billion is a lot of money for Google to spend on Motorola

Apple Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, was asked what he thought about Android maker Google's intent to purchase handset maker Motorola Mobility during a Gleacher & Company conference call. Oppenhemier's response?

“$12.5 billion is a lot of money."


[Cult of Mac]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • What a useless article... seriously.
  • I agree. This was a waste of good web space. I would hope that, we could do better in the future. Google did have a great buy with Motorola.
  • Yep, iPhone needs a bigger screen.
  • I rather see more app-review then see article like this. Seriously get off of google/android a$$, and write more about apple related article.
  • The article was short & sweet and sent the message home. It was a terrible deal for google. At least HP got a bargain for Palm's patents.
  • I find others people's perspectives interesting and I would not bash on this article. Suck on it Joe4621.
  • You find this useless "perspective" interesting?
    “$12.5 billion is a lot of money.”
    That sentence doesn't even say they paid too much for Motorola, it was just a simple fact that $12.5 billion is a lot of money. You're just drooling over it because the apple CFO said it. He didn't even have the balls to make a worthwhile statement.
    Here's my perspective:
    “$0.125 billion is a lot of money. Maybe enough for Schrutefarms to act like an adult... but not likely.”
    Front page here I come! ;)
  • Just a little heads up, the "b" in "TiPb" stands for blog. This isn't the Wall Street Journal. It's the The iPhone/Pod/Pad Blog. Blogs aren't necessarily in depth articles, but more tidbits of interesting ongoings in the world.
  • All I take from this article is the reinforcement of how shit non Apple handsets are, all plastic and wtf is with the size, the handset in the pic looks more like a tablet, the clue is in the name "MOBILE" not big fuck off brick.
  • You most really LOVE HP's Veer smartphone then!
  • Well exuuusee me Mr. Apple fanboy. My Android-powered smartphone Is more powerful and looks nicer than the iPhone. It is made of metal and glass like the iPhone.
    It contains an Operating System that I can to most that I want with. I want a new interface, I download a new launcher off one of two popular Appstores. I want to be able to put a custom OS on my phone? It takes all of a few minutes to flash Cyanogenmod 7 on my phone. Then my phone as a 2 day battery life, and takes all of 15 seconds to reboot.
    I am able to browse the File-system on my phone. I can side-load non-market apps.
    I have choice as a consumer. I can choose what my phone looks like, the speed, the camera mega-pixels, the screen size and resolution.
    With an iPhone, you guys all have the same exact phone (like a clone) and no choice what-so-ever.
  • Your a terriost for those comments...... One thing your forgetting is that all the new phones want to be a iPhone killer. So your android phone will always be on top for a short time until the next iPhone comes out. So live with that with your copy cat IPhone want to be.
  • I've yet to see an iPhone be released and crush anything other than all you suckers' wallets. When iPhone5 or 4S or whatever the hell it eventually ends up being drops, and it's as underwhelming from a technical standpoint as the 3GS, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Not that it'll matter, you'll still go right out to buy it and logos over how amazing it is til another refresh happens next year.
  • 1 iPhone a year and it will still be more popular than the dozens of handsets by different manufacturers running android .. Buy wtf you like, no1 cares, if you like lame plastic handsets, all good, why are you even on an iDevice blog slating the iPhone, STFU and get a life.
  • "I can side-load non-market apps" .. that's 1 of the reasons why Android is full of malware you douchebag, quit kissing Google's arse and deal wit the fact that no handset comes close to the iPhone, they are all huge handsets and don't give me that shit about metal and glass, none of the other manufacturers have a clue what the word aesthetics even means.
  • god you guys sure like to get worked up over nothing (the commenters not Rene). Who cares if this is a "waste of good web space"? Nice thing about webspace is that for all intents and purposes, it's infinite. Can't really waste it. Although it can waste your time, which most of you apparently feel like it did. Funny then that you then decided to waste more of your time by commenting on how pointless it was. I for one thought it was funny. Like Jeffrey said, it's a blog, not strictly a news site. RELAX.
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  • So let's make sure we're on the same playing field here... Yup, $ 12.5 BILLION is a lot of money... BUT.. IF you want to put that in perspective in terms of Apple, reports say that they just up'd their order for iPhone's for the rest of the year to 56 MILLION units... Let's say if the BOM "cost " of the iPhone is $325, then the value of that order alone is over $ 18 BILLION... so everything is relative....
  • The fact that is an article says everything, the deal was a brilliant move and Apple along with 'fans' are bitter. It's understandable but true.
    Quick history lesson, Motorola (along with Bell Labs at the time) INVENTED the cell phone (called portable phone in '73) 3 years before Apple was even founded. They have major patents, up to 26,000 of them. Oppenheimer's comment is almost amusing as Apple also spent billions on patents and got a fraction of the number Motorola has.
    What did you really expect Apple to say about this? Sure it won't entirely end the legal back and forth, but it's a huge hole through the sail.
  • With all due respect I think you're misinformed. First off, on patents, Apple has been suing people over look and feel and phone functionality, all patents Moto certainly has, licensed or not. Google certainly whined after the outcome of the patent auction but the entire thing from the getgo was a cluster, and still under review. What future outcomes of what those patents are worth is still up for debate and could be is anyone's guess... again Apple paid billions for patents too.
    On OEMs despite the fact that the other OEMs have already signed off on it, Android is an open source OS, heck you can build one if you want to, no one will stop you, it's in Google's best interest to have multiple OEMs and there's no reason for them to stop that all. They even said the future Nexus phones will still be a competition as it always has been and not simply a Moto phone. ""Coupled with royalty fees for Android's numerous patent violations...undoubtedly become more attractive alternatives.,"" ...says who? anti competitive Microsoft bullying people on paper? Maybe OEMs will soon be able to laugh in MS' face as a result of this sale. And how are they attractive? Both so far are major FAILURES. WebOS probably won't even exist in a year. WP7 is less than appetizing to the market and MS basically controls OEMs are going to dump record profits for a struggling OS with a direct hardware partnership?? Yea, no I don't think so.
    ""12.5 billion is a lot of money for what is arguably a sizable risk potentially without much reward for Google."
    Also just false. 12.5 billion for a 26k patents, a direct cut into all future hardware sales (which is where the money is, ask Apple), and a test bed for R&D is certainly much reward for Google.
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