Apple close to deals on Pandora-like streaming service, hoping for summer launch

Apple may soon strike deals with two of the major record labels that would allow them to launch a Pandora-like radio service by this summer. While Apple seems to have made a deal that has them paying the labels less on a per-stream basis than Pandora, Apple’s deal also includes new ways of generating revenue, according to Paul Sloan of CNET.

That includes a quick way for consumers to buy a song they hear, potentially boosting download sales from iTunes, as well as a revenue share of new audio ads Apple is planning to add to the free service, according to sources.

Warner Music and Universal Music Group are apparently very close to agreements with Apple, though the music publishers and Sony Music Group still need to sign up. Apple wants to have all deals in place for a launch this summer, which may coincide with an announcement at WWDC in June, or even the supposed August launch of the iPhone 5s.

Would you use a Pandora-like service from Apple? Do you still purchase music through iTunes, or have you switched to something else, like Spotify or Rdio? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: CNET

Joseph Keller

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