Apple close to securing some international iCloud music rights, may reveal on Tuesday


is reporting that Apple is very close to securing the rights to offer iCloud music storage and iTunes Match in more countries than the U.S. at launch. When the service was first announced at WWDC, Apple only had the iCloud music storage and iTunes match agreements in place with the U.S. record labels.

According to Cnet’s sources familiar with the discussions, Apple is seeking international music licenses for at least the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The deals with the various rights holders is close to agreement but has not been signed as of yet. Apple hopes to get this wrapped up in time for the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event next week; but it may be too late!

Without these licenses in place, iCloud and more importantly iTunes Match is a rather weak offering for those outside the U.S. iCloud of course will still function with your apps and other data but the music features are some of its best features. Let us hope that the record labels don’t live up to their usual reputation and help Apple get this one ironed out in time for Tuesday!

Source: cnet

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  • So these types of features already exist on other mobile phones.....but yet when Apple does this all the dumb fanboys will say that Apple did it first. So irritating. They might do it better in the end, which is great because then it provides opportunity for other vendors to improve, since Apple copied them to begin with.
  • Sorry... nobody gives a damn about third-rate, off-brand garbage.
  • I am just hoping that with icloud I can replace google sync for calendar contacts and reminders