Apple collaborates with artists on another mural for its next Chinese store opening

After collaborating with artist Wang Dongling to create a mural for its Hangzhou, China store opening last week, Apple has prepared another for its Chongqing store which will open on January 31.

Apple says that this new mural is a collaboration between international artists and photographer Navid Baraty. From Apple (translated):

To celebrate the opening of the new Apple Store retail outlets, we have invited international artists from Chongqing to Yangyang Pan, as well as award-winning international photographer Navid Baraty co-authoring a piece of art. This works not only convey the worth of Chongqing is a wonderful gathering of the city, also means that the new Apple Store retail world will be a fusion of art, culture, creativity and technology in one.

In addition, Apple provided a brief video focusing on the creation of the mural, which you can find embedded below.

Source: Apple; Via: Apple Insider (Chinese)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster