Apple comes out in opposition to proposed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

In keeping with its recent concerns for consumer privacy, Apple has spoken out in opposition to the proposed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which is set to go up for vote in a week's time. Apple's comments come in the form of a statement to The Washington Post:

"We don't support the current CISA proposal," Apple said in a statement. "The trust of our customers means everything to us and we don't believe security should come at the expense of their privacy."

Apple echoes similar sentiments expressed by other high-profile names such as Yelp, Twitter, and Reddit. The statement also keeps in-line with what Apple has expressed in the past. Recently, Appel CEO Tim Cook further backed the importance of privacy and encryption in an interview with NPR.

The CISA bill is designed to to allow companies to share information about potential cybersecurity threats between one another and with the government. However, critics have pointed to the potential of the proposal to allow the government broad powers to spy on Americans. The bill is set to go up for a vote on October 27.

Source: The Washington Post

Dan Thorp-Lancaster