Apple Retail Stores are set to put an end to restocking fees starting Tuesday January 11, and will also be adding new setup areas for Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

Previously when returning a product to your Apple Retail Store you get hit with a 10 percent restocking fee but this will no longer be the case starting tomorrow. Of course the standard 14 day window will still apply for returns. The setup areas will be for those who need extra help getting started with their new Mac, iPhone, or iPad while leaving the Genius Bar clear to handle more technical support issues.

It seems fairly interesting that Apple chose Tuesday January 11 as the date to put an end to restocking fees and open their new setup areas, but maybe we will learn why tomorrow as Verizon holds their big press conference.

Either way do we really have to ask -- are you going to be taking advantage of the no-restoking fees or setup area any time soo

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