Apple Defends AT&T: Highest in Broadband Usage, Working on Fixing Problem Cities

During Apple's Q1 2010 conference call yesterday, Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook came to AT&T's defense when questioned about whether or not poor public perception of the exclusive iPhone carrier was hurting Apple's brand.

Despite increasing iTablet and iPhone on Verizon rumors, Cook said that AT&T has to deal with higher broadband (3G) usage than any other carrier, and still provides a "great experience" for many of their customers. Furthermore, Cook said AT&T had admitted to problems in certain areas (such as New York City), had come up with plans on fixing those problems, and had shared those plans with Apple.

This is in contrast to Apple Senior Vice-President of iPhone Software sounded last year at WWDC 2009 when he introduced MMS and tethering features as part of iPhone 3.0, and clarified that AT&T would not be supporting either initially (and still doesn't support tethering at all).

Rene Ritchie

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