Apple denied appeal in employee-filed class-action suit

Apple's appeal to throw out the class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of all current and former Apple Store employees in California and corporate staff has been denied. The suit alleges that the Mac-maker had violated labor codes by denying employees breaks, and lawyers in the suit claim Apple owes these employees unpaid back wages.

Apple's petition was denied by a three-judge panel in a California Superior Court on November 26 according to a report by PC Mag:

"The petition for writ of mandate, informal response, and reply have been read and considered by Justices Nares, McDonald, and O'Rourke. The petition is denied," stated a filing from the Superior Court of Appeal in San Diego.

The lawsuit could affect as many as 21,000 employees.

Source: PC Mag

  • Damn, first the imessage issue then the patent one now this smh
  • When you're accused of all kinds of shenanigans and sued by multiple people for multiple violations of law, you're not the victim...I can almost hear Rene pounding on his keyboard from here. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • When you make lots of money, you become the target for all sorts of lawsuits too.
  • "Almost..." is right: as usual, we couldn't hear his keyboard over your reflexive anti-Apple/iMore/Rene model.
  • I'm not anti Apple or anti imore.... You got the other one right. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • My father once told me not to believe everything you read. This is something that makes me scratch my head. I am an employer myself and I can't image anyone being denied a coffee break? Something smells like fish. Sent from the iMore App
  • Why not? Apparently they made you get searched on your own time remember. Get lost, you’ll carry out bag searches on me on your time Apple!
  • Apple employees are pretty passionate people and I can tell you many have forgone breaks or lunches to help out customers in one way or another. I would be interested to see how many of the breaks missed were "volunteered by the employee" and how many were "Directed by Management".
  • I agree. There is more to the story. Sent from the iMore App
  • As a former employee of the fruit stand, our store would take precautions in order to prevent a customer from stopping us as we left the store, i.e. wear a zip-up hoodie over our shirt/take off work shirts, to deter customers from approaching us. There were a few new employees that would let their passions takeover their break time and not draw a firm line between "off-clock/on-clock" time. With that being said, if I ever stayed later than scheduled, I sure as heck didn't clock out until I was en route to walking out the door.