<img src="/sites/imore.com/files/images/stories/2011/11/galaxy-nexus-iphone-11.jpg" alt=Apple denied injunction in the U.S., making FRAND case in Germany" title="Apple denied injunction in the U.S., making FRAND case in Germany" width="550" height="385" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-84966" />

We haven't really been keeping up with all the myriad legal maneuverings in the ongoing -- and going, and going -- legal disputes between Apple and accused "copyist" Samsung, as well as other Android manufacturers like Motorola, but there have been some injunctions granted, refused, overturned, and asked for review. If you're thinking there's just too much of this stuff and no one cares who's not a lawyer on one of their payroll, well, fair enough. Here are the highlights/lowlights.

  • U.S. Lucy Koh refused to grant Apple an injunction against Samsung. She felt Apple had a case, but not a strong enough one that monetary damages wouldn't sufficiently compensate Apple. [Reuters]
  • Sounds like Apple actually licensed one of their precious multitouch patents -- the inertial bounce -- to IBM and Nokia, and at one point offered to license it to Samsung but no deal could be reached. [The Verge]
  • New Google acquisition Motorola is still going at it with Apple in Germany, with courts unconvinced of Moto's case, with FRAND issues causing confusion aplenty. [FOSS Patents]

There's a ton more going on, of course, and if you're super-interested in the details, just follow the link above.