Apple and Amazon's new partnership comes to fruition just ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Setting up iPad
Setting up iPad (Image credit: iMore)

It was previously reported that Amazon and Apple settled old disputes, and that the e-commerce giant would begin selling Apple products in the coming weeks. Well, that time has come, and some of Apple's most popular gear is already starting to show up (opens in new tab) on the site. Some of the products we've seen surface include the all-new 12.9-inch iPad Pro (opens in new tab) and 11-inch iPad Pro (opens in new tab), along with the latest 9.7-inch iPad (opens in new tab), and the Smart Keyboards (opens in new tab) to go with each.

Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 4 (opens in new tab) is now available, along with the lineup of Beats headphones (opens in new tab).

We do still expect Apple to officially begin selling both the iPhone XR and iPhone XS in the coming weeks. These will join some of the other gear that Apple already sells on Amazon, like the AirPods (opens in new tab), original Apple Pencil (opens in new tab), Lightning EarPods (opens in new tab), and more. Keep in mind that the HomePod (opens in new tab) will not be making it to Amazon as it competes directly with the company's Echo line.

What makes this even better is that now Amazon will be competing with retailers like Best Buy and Target, and able to match some of the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The iPad mini 4 (opens in new tab) is already $79 off, dropping it to $300, along with the new MacBook Air for $100 off (opens in new tab), and we expect to see more discounts in the coming days. Be sure to keep it locked to Thrifter to find out about more deals as they become available.

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  • No. They REMOVED the discounts because Apple forced Amazon to remove 3rd party resellers. IMHO the difference between a fanboy and fan is that a fan can call a company out when they do something wrong, and a fanboy sees nothing wrong. I'd have been fine with Apple forcing Amazon to more clearly label "This is from Apple, this is from a 3rd party", but removing resellers? Nah.
  • They weren't discounts, they were just priced lower but no one had any idea what the refurbishment process really was. Accountability is important, and it's really not that bad of a thing for Apple to have certified refurbished sellers.