Despite still not being there, Apple again the talk of Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress 2011 has brought a couple of Android tablets -- LG Optimus Pad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2-- and slew of Android and Windows phones -- LG Optimus 3D, Sony Xperia Play and Xperia Pro, and Samsung Omnia 7 -- but a quick look at the blogsphere shows an awful lot of headlines about iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone nano -- products that don't (yet) exist from Apple, a company not even at the show. (And which may or may not fit into an iPad or iPhone "family")

Last year Apple was the talk of MWC after their iPad announcement, and 2009 they got the buzz following the success of Apple's App Store. How does one company who doesn't even attend MWC still manage to hijack so much press?

Rene joked on Twitter yesterday that the iPad 3 and iPhone nano leaks, coming right at the start of MWC, was remarkable timing. Could it also be remarkable, and remarkably effective strategy on Apple's part to keep their competitors on their heels? Do you think the rumors warrant all the buzz they are drawing at MWC 2011?

  • Here at MWC there is no buzz about Apple
  • Thats exactly what I was thinking. Grabbing blog headlines and being the headline of a global conference are two different things...
    But whatever floats their boat.
  • oh snap--Fail
  • lol. pwned
  • Haha...You want to talk about Apple and products that "don't (yet) exist"? I can think of a few of those:
    Microsoft and its non-existent Courier
    HP with its Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad. Nice concept. No nothing until summer
    RIM and the PlayBook: Yea...ditto.
    When Apple announces its iPad 2 and iPhone 5, their stuff will be in stock in of their 320+ retail stores on the same day of the announcement, unless, of course, they choose to make it interesting and have everyone hype their products for a few weeks which causes us to stand in line for hours only to gobble up whatever their latest and greatest is at that time...
  • haha you're funny sir
  • its been like this since honeycomb was demoed on the xoom by google a few weeks ago.. first it was ipad 2 rumors to fly out, then when more honeycomb goodness was shown all of a sudden the ipad 2 wasnt enough and rumors had to come out about ipad 3.. now more of this bs when more great tablets are shown at mwc... teuth is, apple is going to be the ones having to play catch up to all this nice and expandable hardware coming that runs android...
  • "As apple goes, the industry goes". That's why apple will always be "The talk" of anything mobile/computing wise.
  • Yes android has up there game in the tablet game. But if the price tags are true on some of these devices. Fly off the shelves they will not.
  • Exactly. Best Buy has the Xoom slated at $1200!!! What person in their right mind would pay for that? The cheapest I have heard for the Xoom is $800 still expensive considering you can start out with an iPad for $499.
    Also the article isn't implying that no one cares about Android or WP7 announcements it's merely saying that with all these new products being announced/shown off at MWC, Apple still has a lot of talk at the show and online. Maybe people aren't holding conferences about Apple but I guarantee people are chattering about them.
  • “Maybe people aren’t holding conferences about Apple but I guarantee people are chattering about them.”
  • "Maybe people aren’t holding conferences about Apple but I guarantee people are chattering about them."
  • Engadget is all over MWC .. a lot of Android tablets and windows phone 7 ... Apple is grabbing some headlines on the blogosphere but it's not about APple at the MWC .. it's not even close.
  • Google heads shut up already the damn tablet will be to damn expensive you really think a tablet with a 2megapixel camera in front and an 8 in the back 0"1080p hd video and duo core processor is gonna be cheap then you must be out you damn mind
  • Funny, I've been looking at MWC coverage since Sunday and its been all Android. Nice try though.
  • Like I said above “As apple goes, the industry goes”. That’s why apple will always be “The talk” of anything mobile/computing wise. There or not. The mwc might be all about android os. But all will be compared to apple products. They are why people are in the market for tablets and smartphones and while were at it computers in general. Hate apple all you want. But they are the trend setters of all this. If you can't respect them for that your a dam fool. Call me a fanboy I've been called worse things. I'm a happy fanboy.
  • Apple is the reason for computer purchases?
    Are you seriously saying this?, you could pass on that if you don't include Blackberry. But computers? Seriously?
    You've transcended fanboyism and become a straight up idiot if you actually stand by that comment.
  • Lies
  • Lol this is literally the second time i've read this exact story (it was on Appleinsider, and even those fanboys knew it was total BS).
    I guarantee no one at MWC gives a rats ass about whatever rumors WSJ is publishing, something they do on a seemingly weekly basis and are 99% of the time completely wrong.
    Mobile World Congress and the headlines have been dominated by 2 things, completely sick Android devices (consider me sold on the Galaxy S II) and Nokia killing Symbian in favor of Windows Phone 7, something that has the capability of being a monumental shift in the OS race if it succeeds.
    Meanwhile on the Apple news front, its been about a mini iphone with only cloud storage (complete BS, we all know this) and Apple spending a cool 7.8 billion to buy stuff from Sammy. Thats it.
  • it seems the only talk about MWC and apple is in this blog post