What you need to know

  • Apple released a new hype video for Apple Arcade.
  • Titled "Let the games begin," it shows a brief glimpse of the 100+ titles that will be available.
  • Among the games highlighted were Hot Lava, Skate City, Jenny LeClue and Sayonara: Wild Hearts.

Today Apple released a new video highlighting some of the notable titles that will be available on Apple Arcade. There are over 100 titles available for the service and each delivers its own unique experience.

The video titled "Let the games begin" tries to get through as many games as possible in 100 seconds. Of course, it only really focuses on a few such as Hot Lava, Earth Night, Skate City, Jenny LeClue, and Sayonara: Wild Hearts. The rest are just mentioned in passing with a quick glimpse of them.

The games look beautiful and quite intriguing, delivering new designs and gameplay controls. This will be enhanced with the use of an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Apple Arcade is launching September 19 as a $4.99 monthly subscription. Check out the full video above and let us know which games you are most excited about.

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