Former Apple design guru crafted Google+, will that get iOS users use it?

Wondering why Google+ looks, well, uncharacteristically good for a Google product? Turn out Andy Hertzfeld, an former Apple design guru going back to the days of the original Mac, has been given the freedom to exercise his creative genius on the new Google+ project. No wonder it has such a simple, useful -- dare we say elegant -- look and feel to it.

Hertzfeld credits some of his work done on the project to Apple, saying that Apple's reign on the mobile industry may have had "A little bit to do" with his creative design into the project of Google+.

Does knowing that a famous former Apple designer had a big hand in how Google+ looks and works make you any more likely to try it out?

  • I bet he's liked by Apple these days...
  • I'm sure we're all going to at least try it regardless. The questions is how many iOS users are going to use it frequently, and I think that depends more on how diligent Google is about designing iOS apps and how much integration with the system Apple will allow.
    I agree, though; it is a hell of a lot prettier than what you usually see from Google. Good job, Apple ex-pat!
  • They already said the iOS app is in the works. So it really falls down to Apple approving it.
  • I dont care if spongebob squarepants designed it. I'm still planning on not using it. I already have Facebook and that is more then what I need at the moment.
  • GOOGLE have so many products that are successful and no. 1 but facebook has only 1 and the security is so hackable... Whats possible is, google+ will win it big by 2012-mark my word... January 1,2012 - check back that android os will have 1 million per day activation then GOOGLE+ is embedded on it,so people will use it till it reach 2 billion users on Dec. 31, 2012... This is not just prediction as this has factual report from all surveys... Google will win big from 2012-onwards...
  • Gosh, no.
    I've practically given up on Google's social efforts. I've tried them and tried to like them, too, but we always get burned by their failure to catch on.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
  • I'm pretty over loaded with social networking sites these days so Google+ will go unnoticed on my end. What's far more interesting is the fact that Google is actively trying to create attractive and user friendly interfaces. They've been in need of solid front end designers for years.
  • Their new website design is a start of that
  • Isn't their senior designer, who only knows how to use blue text on white backgrounds, going to get his or her feelings hurt?
  • I am so hard trying it. Facebook is getting way to cluttered to be on. Useless games popping up everywhere, all those useless groups and so on. I want to communicate with my friends, not with the whole world lol.
  • Thats why you dont like 50 million pages and control what goes on in your feed. Pretty simple. Doesnt take a rocket scintenst to do that
  • Right.
    I haven't seen a game in two years — they're all blocked... and I only follow four pages.
    Pretty simple.