Apple, Ericsson settle $1.6 billion patent dispute with new licensing agreement

Apple and Ericsson have signed a patent licensing over wireless technology, ending litigation started earlier this year Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, and Texas. The agreement covers patents for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE technology.

From Reuters:

Ericsson did not specify how much it would earn from the deal but estimated overall revenue from intellectual property rights in 2015 would hit 13 to 14 billion crowns ($1.52-$1.64 billion), including positive effects from the settlement with Apple, up from 9.9 billion crowns in 2014.

Ericsson expressed the hope that this settlement could allow the company to work with Apple in the future, including the development 5G technology. Apple has issued no comment on the settlement.

The litigation bewtween the two companies began in January, when Ericsson filed suit against Apple following the failure of both parties to come to a new wireless patent license agreement.

Source: Reuters

Joseph Keller

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