Apple to extend AirPlay video streaming licence to third parties?

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is weighing up the possibility of extending its current licensing of AirPlay to include video. Currently third party manufacturers can use AirPlay but only the audio protocol. This is why we are seeing high end stereos and iPod docks with AirPlay but no products that can receive video streamed from an iOS device.

Under the new plan, according to “two people familiar with the project”, Apple will license AirPlay video software to consumer electronics makers this year. This could then be included in TV’s, Media Players, Blu-ray Players etc.

AirPlay is one of the killer features of the new Apple TV. If Apple decides to let other manufacturers use the technology it would surely lessen the attraction of the Apple TV for many. On the other hand, it would make owning an iOS device with AirPlay a very attractive proposition to many more potential users; and open more iTunes accounts too.

What do you think? Would you still buy an Apple TV if you could use AirPlay directly with your TV or Blu-ray ? Let us know in the comments!



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