Apple facing new class-action lawsuit from hourly employees

Apple is going to have to defend against another class-action suit from hourly workers, as 20,000 employees claim they weren't offered breaks for lunch, obligatory rest-breaks, or never received their last paychecks — all three of which are in violation of the state of California's labor laws.

The suit was certified as a class-action case on July 21 in California's Superior Court, and was originally filed in 2011. The case claims that Apple deliberately violated California wage and hour laws. In addition, the case claims that company policy "allowed Apple to invoke fear into the class members that if they so much as discuss the various labor policies, they run the risk of being fired, sued, or disciplined."

No report of the amount of damages being requested has been mentioned, and the case is set to be heard by California Superior Court judge Ronald Prager in San Diego.

Source: WSJ

Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • That's nice... but what about the bigger screen on the iPhone? Consumer want!
  • Good. Posted via iMore App
  • Are we really surprised? Sent from the iMore App
  • I wonder how many lawsuits like this it will take before a few tech companies move to a more business friendly state?
  • A state without labor laws??
  • Cuba!
  • How complicit was Apple higher ups in this?
    Is this another example of Tim Cook having to clean up after Steve Jobs (despite the great things he did)?
  • Bla bla.. can people just cut the Steve Jobs crap? Silly.....
  • I think it's valid.
    Steve left the ebook debacle. The Android "thermonuclear" war. Apple wasn't known to be as charitable under him.
    His handling of "Antenna-gate" at first. Various things could be construed maybe to show that while he ran the company he could be a bit callous toward others or cavalier. At least a man that wasn't afraid to step over the line at times or even on other people for what he thought was for the good of the company.
    And I think those things were bound to leave some risidual mess for Tim Cook, et al.
  • It's not new, YOU even state that clearly in the posting! It's the same case from 2011 and it was merely recognized yesterday as a class action but the case is still treated as that same case from 2011. It's just an older case that will now be able to have a chance to be heard.
  • This is the same thing that happens at every large company. Walmart, Verizon, etc.... The list goes on and on.
  • not a big deal. this kind of stuff happens to almost everyone at some point. i refuse to take breaks at work simply cuz i don't like them
  • I wholeheartedly disagree, 'not a big deal'. All work and no play makes a dull life. If we all give in to pressures such as these, we're little more than slaves. Sent from the iMore App
  • Were/are you trying to impress the manager? lol!