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What you need to know

  • Apple has filed a new product in the Bluetooth product database.
  • The product is listed with the placeholder name "B2002" with a model number of "TBD."
  • The listing has sparked rumors that it could be the company's upcoming Apple Silicon Mac.

Reported by MacRumors (via MyHealthyApple), a new personal computer from Apple has appeared in the Bluetooth product database. The product was listed with the placeholder name "B2002" with a model number of "TBD." According to the report, Apple has used the "personal computer" category for previous models of both the Mac and iPad, so it is unclear what this new listing could be for.

The product is filed under the "personal computer" category, which Apple has used for previous Mac and iPad listings in the database, so it is hard to pinpoint the listing to a specific product at this time. The listing could simply end up being for the new iPad Air unveiled last month, but it could also be for the first Apple Silicon Mac or something else.

The report notes that, if a product uses the same Bluetooth specifications, a company can update a previous listing. This could indicate that this new entry is something quite different than what came before it.

Published on October 22, the listing was Apple's first public-facing entry in the Bluetooth product database since late 2019. However, since many Apple products use the same Bluetooth specifications, Apple is often able to simply update its previous listings in the database with new products as they are released.

Apple has announced that it will release its first Mac powered by its own Apple Silicon processor by the end of the year. The company is rumored to announce the new Mac at another digital event on November 17. While this report doesn't give any indication that "B2002" is a new Apple Silicon Mac, the timing is interesting.

An earlier report from today also predicts that Apple's first iMac running Apple Silicon may see a release in the first half of 2021.

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