Just days after an East Texas court ruled in favor of patent holding firm VirnetX in its $625 million infringement suit against Apple, the Cupertino company has filed for a mistrial. The news was reported by legal publication Texas Lawyer:

Apple has already filed a motion for a mistrial. In its motion, Apple argued that during closings, VirnetX lawyers made arguments outside the evidence and blatantly misrepresented the testimony of Apple's witnesses. Apple lawyers objected immediately, the motion states.

VirnetX has alleged that Apple is infringing on several of its patents with its FaceTime and VPN technologies. The patent dispute actually goes back to 2012, when VirnetX won a $368 million verdict against Apple. That decision was eventually dismissed by an appeals court, and a retrial was ordered. If the decision is upheld, Apple could end up on the hook for $625 million in damages.

Source: Texas Lawyer; Via: Apple Insider