Apple files patent to use accelerometer and gyroscope for video stabilization

Apple has filed a patent to use the accelerometer and gyroscope in conjunction with the video camera of your device to improve image stabilization. The three core features could work together to hugely improve the look of your videos.

Embodiments of the present invention provide a control system for video processes that selectively control the operation of motion stabilization processes. According to the present invention, motion sensor data indicative of motion of a mobile device may be received and processed. A determination may be made by comparing processed motion sensor data to a threshold. Based on the determination, motion stabilization may be suspended on select portions of a captured video sequence.

There are already software based video stabilization techniques that are widely used. The problem with software based solutions is the resources they use on the device; this can seriously reduce battery life. Not a great compromise on a portable device. Also the results can be very erratic.

Apple does point out within the filing that even this hardware method can produce far from perfect results. I guess the only real solutions to the shaky video problem is a tripod or to work on those arm muscles!

Source: Apple Insider


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